We have our own dedicated manufacturing arrangements, strategic alliance as well as string financial and technical co-operation to ensure continuous and consistent supply of high quality yarn. We supply all types of yarns in any count range in 100% cotton, Synthetics and blends.

We are specialized in

    Single / Plied Yarns
  • 100% Cotton Yarn for weaving – Ne - 10s to 120s (Including compact and Eli- twist compact)
  • 100% cotton yarn for knitting – Ne- 16s to 60s
  • 100% Viscose/Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn – 20s to 60s
  • Open end yarn – Ne – 2s to 30s
  • 100% cotton and blends -2/20s to 2/100s ( Ring doubled/TFO)
    Recycled Yarn
  • Ne 2/10s to 2/20s ( Bleach white yarn with 15 to 20% polyester with 80 to 85% cotton)